Passive protection

We supply cutting-edge A worker welding an engine to prevent fire
solutions and expertise
to protect your installation

Managing facility risks is the core of NUVIA’s approach. We offer a consistent range of specific products and services, whatever the risk: fire, floods, dissemination, earthquakes or radiological risks.

In particular, we offer unparalleled expertise in Fire Protection, and pride ourselves in being devoted to constant innovation against such hazards.

As well as diagnosis services, risk characterisation, monitoring and specialised maintenance, we create tailor-made solutions while offering a wide range of proven products and equipment to protect your installations against Fire risks and consequences.

This includes containment expertise, HVAC (ventilation) solutions, high-efficiency fire dampers, seals, airlocks, cable tray protections, as well as all kinds of protection devices for your structures, networks, equipment and of course your people, and the surrounding environment.

Naturally, our solutions are submitted to the most drastic, demanding and extensive testing, in our design and engineering facilities around the world.

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