Mechanical systems & Processes

We take charge of technical operations, maintenance and decommissioning on your site

NUVIA teams are experts in their field. They have extensive technical knowledge and know-how, while placing safety and security at the top of their priorities.

At NUVIA, we deliver high-value, high-technicity, high-security services in terms of mechanical processes and systems, and, depending on the period in the life cycle of your facility, have unequalled expertise in site decommissioning and dismantling, wherever in the world.

  • We supply turnkey process solutions and methods, and bespoke equipment in accordance with your exact needs.
  • We control and manage complex operations in sensitive environments.
  • We follow and undertake maintenance, equipment assembly and handling.
  • We have particular expertise in structure and equipment cutting, descaling, sanitation, remote handling, as part of our decommissioning skills.
  • We create bespoke methods for each project, and totally master decontamination and confinement processes.