NUVIA expanded the technological equipment of the Firefighting Institute

New systems designed for radiation monitoring and detection of ionizing radiation sources by NUVIATech Instruments will help not only in case of a radiation emergency.

Specifically, these are the DRONES-G MINI and RadPatrol2 systems, which NUVIA supplied to the Population Protection Institut located in Lázně Bohdaneč, where the official handover of these systems took place recently.

The DRONES-G MINI module was developed within the framework of a subsidy programme supported by the Ministry of the Interior together with the National Radiation Protection Institute. The technological successor of the DRONES-G system is lighter, smaller, its compact shape allows for easy handling and installation, which the participants of the handover ceremony could see for themselves. Another great advantage is its possible use with commercially available drones.

The second system handed over is a spectrometer designed for aerial and mobile use, developed within the framework of a project supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and in cooperation with SÚRO under the name Scintibox.


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